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Who Am I?

   Hi I'm Shashank Maithani Graduate student at University of Illinois, Chicago. I am also a Graduate Research Assistant at UIC, under IT Director Scott Masur

   Previously I was s Java Developer at Infosys Labs (R&D Department of Infosys) for 3 years. Worked in developing a proprietary Data Migration Tool iDSS (Data Profiling, Cleasning and Transformations).Also developed a custom Web Crawler for user search automation.

Visualization Design

Data Storyteller

Software Developer

Cloud Computing


Work Experience

Graduate Research Assistant Oct 2017 - Present
UIC - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Deployed PGP encryption for remote servers
Created D3 Visualization models for psychiatry patients.
In charge of System Administration, Network Administration and Web Development.
Technologies: MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, D3, Hyper-V

Senior Software Developer June 2014 - July 2017
Infosys - Hyderabad, Telengana, India

Developed Data Profiling module of iDSS (including Data Discovery, Data Completeness, Pattern Analysis, Data Reconcilliation and Query Builder)
Developed Address Cleansing module of iDSS (used Google API, Bing API, USPS API and MapMyIndia API for address resolution)
Developed Custom "Web Crawler" for faster address seeking and verification for given website.
Technologies: Java, Oracle, Sql Server, MS Access, Derby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Eclipse RCP

Software Developer Intern Jan 2014 - June 2017
Infosys - Mysore, Karnataka, India

Received training on advanced Object-Oriented constructs and Relational Databases.
Developed E-Learning Portal website as a part of hands on training project.
Implemented Custom Priority Search Algorithm to better search for frequent visited courses which proved to be ~10% more efficient than the Internal portal used within Infosys.
Technologies: Java, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML/CSS



University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, USA
Graduation: June 2019

GPA: 3.4
Relevant Courses: Data Visualization, Information Retrieval, Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing.
Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh, India
Graduation: July 2014

GPA: 8.12
Relevant Courses: Algorithms & Data Structures, Object-Oriented Constructs, Principles of Programming Languages.
St. Thomas College, Dehradun, India
Graduation: May 2010

GPA: 8.6
Relevant Courses: Applied Statistics, Differential and Integral Calculus, Object-Oriented Fundamentals.
St. Thomas College, Dehradun, India
Graduation: May 2008

GPA: 8.1
Relevant Courses: Basis Statistics, Probability, Hardware/Software Fundamentals.
My Specialty

My Skills

Here is list of skills I acquired in my career, from way back in high school till now. Knowledge is limitless and I am still learning...

Language Proficiency

Java (JLS 1.8)


Python (3.x)










Framework and Libraries

Hadoop, Apache MapReduce, ScikitLearn, Flask, D3, ThreeJS, Eclipse RCP

Dev Tools

IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, CLion, WebStorm, Eclipse, Microsoft Office Suite

Other Miscellaneous

MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, GIT, DOCKER

My Work

Recent Work

Unikernel Chess OSv

Created a chess game Web Service and Containerized it into a VAP using a unikernel OS and Deployed on Amazon EC2 and Docker.

Hadoop Graph Generator

Making ues of Hadoop parallelism, sharding a huge XML and running the Map/Reduce computation on Amazon EMR.

Search Engine

A Google's Page Rank implementation of the algorithm, the web crawler/spider searches for a given query in the World Wide Web.

Capillary Action

A project with a mix of Data Science and Story Telling which aims in visualizing trajectories of various liquid molecules in three dimensional capillary setting.

Spark Page Rank

A PageRank implementation using Spark Computation model for parallel processing of the publication dataset which is then deployed to AWS EMR.


A Restful GRPC implementation of invoking lambda functions with GET and POST. The service is also deployed to AWS Lambda.

My Achievements


Won Demon Hacks 2018 (Team: Make a change) at MLH (Major League Hacking), DePaul University, Chicago, IL
SPOT AWARD from Unit Manager for Individual Contribution at on-site
INNOVATION AWARD during the Unit Level Awards 2015-16 of Infosys Limited, India
Aptec Certied Java Developer
Infosys Certied Java Developer
Infosys Certied SQL Developer
Affiliated with JKD (Jion Karate Do) and conducted Karate classes for women empowerment within Infosys Hyderabad
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